You’re unique.
Your treatment should be, too.

At Apex, we offer custom plans and services to make sure your individual injury is addressed and you’re rehabilitated to your standards. We offer several major services you should expect from a place like ours, with our own take on why we’re able to serve you especially well here.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Apex has the best equipment in the business. Our BTE specifically is the gold standard in functional testing. But equipment is only useful if the people operating it are exceptional, and our therapists are exceptionally trained and prepared to operate our equipment. We’re focused on giving a truly objective, honest assessment of your ability to complete job requirements, and we also provide recommendations to your employer for how your job could be adapted to better accommodate your needs.

Therapy and Rehabilitation

Your recovery depends on holistic treatment, not therapy that’s limited to the specific point of injury. Everything in your body is connected and injuries aren’t usually isolated to just the primary impact point. We think holistically, managing your pain as it relates to the whole body and mind. Our therapists have decades of extensive training and are well above the required number of hours for certification. Every session you’ll have at Apex will be guided by a licensed therapist, and your plan of care will be tailored specifically to you in weekly team meetings with our dedicated masseuses, therapists, physicians and specialists.

Workers’ Compensation

Getting you back to work is our goal, and that requires prioritizing and emphasizing certain treatments and services that help you recover safely and efficiently. E-comp filings are complicated, so our staff will walk through the process of filing your claim with you. Authorizations, denials and questions from the Department of Labor can be cumbersome and confusing, so we’ll handle them for you and work with you to ensure your claims are covered and your timeline accommodates a safe but speedy return to work.

Medical Reports

Accurate, thorough medical reporting is crucial to ensuring proper due diligence, timely claim approvals and reliable support through your rehabilitation. Because of our dedicated team of physicians, therapists and specialists here at Apex, we’re able to consult with our own experts quickly, collaborate on decision-making and ensure credible, quality medical reports are generated efficiently.


We’re able to offer immediate referrals for MRIs and EMGs to quickly study and diagnose your injury, which in turn leads to faster and more effective treatment.