Get Back to Work.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re in some pain. Something has happened to you at your job and you need some help getting back to normal. You probably think what comes next will be complicated, slow and uncomfortable. Why does getting quality care you deserve have to be so difficult?

It doesn’t.

We’re Apex Rehabilitation, a small group of professionals who got tired of being so professional all the time. We created a unique space to help people get better, together and have a little fun along the way.
Come meet our team of physicians and therapists. Stick around for a community of friends and outstanding care. Then get back to work.

We’re different. No, really.

There are several occupational therapy centers in Oklahoma City.
Why should you work with Apex? Let’s get technical for a sec:
  • The federal worker’s compensation paperwork and process is confusing and frustrating. We’ll walk you through the whole thing and help you get the care and reimbursements you need.
  • Our worker’s compensation specialist has been through the system himself, so we know what a pain the process can be. That’s why we don’t bill your commercial insurance for the first 90 days while we work to get your claim approved.
  • You’ll see a licensed therapist every time you’re here. The time you spend with us is time spent tailoring treatment just for you, not putting up with administrative autopilot.
  • Everything in your body is connected and injuries aren’t usually isolated to just the primary impact point. We think holistically, managing your pain as it relates to the whole body and mind.
  • You’re busy and the time you spend with us is valuable, so we’ve ensured that our team of therapists, orthopedic surgeons, family physicians, massage therapists, and worker’s compensation and VA specialists are easily accessible and readily available, educated on the process and able to answer your questions whenever you need us.
  • We don’t prescribe narcotics. Instead, we help you heal with therapy, modalities, myofascial release and massage.